December 21, 2014

Plymouth and Barnstable District


Bourne, known as the “gateway to Cape Cod,” was incorporated as its own town in 1884 after being a part of the Town of Sandwich since 1640, with a trading history that dates back to the Pilgrims in the 1620s.  The town is well-known for being home to the Cape Cod Canal with its many places for recreation along its shores and wonderful scenic views of ships passing by.  Bourne is well-


Falmouth is a beautiful seaside town that epitomizes the New England historic charm and town life while remaining uniquely Cape Cod.  Reflecting the origins of much of the area, Falmouth was first settled by Europeans in the mid-1600s, and was incorporated as a town in 1686.  Woods Hole, now home to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the world's largest private and nonprofit ocean re


On the shores of the Jones River, the Town of Kingston is located about 35 miles south of Boston.  After being part of Plymouth during the 17th century, the Town of Kingston was incorporated as its own entity in 1726, and has passed through several industrial eras, adapting as needs for the area changed.  Today, the Town of Kingston is primarily a residential area with easy


The vibrant community of Pembroke, located 26 miles south of Boston in the South Shore region, has been an incorporated town since 1712.  Before incorporation, Pembroke was part of the neighbo


One of the most well-known communities in the Commonwealth is the Town of Plymouth.


The oldest town on Cape Cod, Sandwich was settled in 1637 by a group from Plymouth Colony and was officially incorporated two years later.  Sandwich is largely a residential community, but boa